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SYNOTIC® Otic Solution

(fluocinolone acetonide and dimethyl sulfoxide)

Relieves the itching and inflammation associated with acute and chronic ear infections in dogs

SYNOTIC Otic Solution is indicated for the relief of pruritus and inflammation associated with acute and chronic otitis in the dog.

8 mL dropper-vial.

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    • Decreases edema, inflammation, erythema and pruritus, with associated scratching and excoriation.

    • Slow rate of evaporation allows for greater distribution and penetration to all parts of the ear.


Because DMSO is known to enhance absorption of corticosteroids through the skin, SYNOTIC OTIC Solution is contraindicated in animals with tuberculosis, hyperadrenocorticism, and peptic ulcers, and should be used with extreme caution in pregnant dogs. Animals should be watched for evidence of concurrent infection.

See full Prescribing Information.