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(tiletamine HCl and zolazepam HCl)

Provides restraint or anesthesia for cats and restraint and analgesia for dogs undergoing minor procedures


TELAZOL is a rapid-acting anesthetic combination as indicated: 

  • In cats for restraint or for anesthesia combined with muscle relaxation.
  • In dogs for restraint and minor procedures of short duration (30 min. avg.) requiring mild to moderate analgesia.*

*Minor surgery is considered to be laceration repair, draining of abscesses, castrations and other procedures requiring mild to moderate analgesia. 

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    • Rapid-acting anesthetic combination of tiletamine and zolazepam
    • Delivers safe, rapid induction with minimal effect on coughing and swallowing reflexes
    • Supplied as a sterile powder for reconstitution
    • Low dose volume for IM administration

    Diagnostic purposes:

     3 to 4.5 mg/lb (6.6 to 9.9 mg/kg)

    Cats: 4.4 to 5.4 mg/lb (9.7 to 11.9 mg/kg)

    Minor procedures:

    4.5 to 6 mg/lb (9.9 to 13.2 mg/kg)

    Cats: 4.8 to 5.7 mg/lb (10.6 to 12.5 mg/kg)

    Please refer to the full Prescribing Information for complete dosage and administration information.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use TELAZOL in dogs and cats with pancreatic disease, renal pathology or impairment of renal function, or severe cardiac or pulmonary dysfunction. Do not use for Caesarean section. Do not use phenothiazine-derivative drugs concomitantly with TELAZOL as the combination produces respiratory and myocardial depression, hypotension, and hypothermia. Pulmonary edema has been reported in cats. Respiratory depression may occur following administration of high doses of TELAZOL. For more safety information, please refer to the full Prescribing Information.