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When it comes to canine influenza virus (CIV), it's important to be prepared

Materials to support your pet owners and your practice

When an outbreak of canine flu hits your area, it’s important to act quickly to contain it as much as possible. Browse through these helpful communication materials and resources that will provide you, your pet owners, and your staff with valuable information. They’re yours to download, use, and review with your pet owners and your staff when you need them.

  • Dog Flu – What You Should Know Video

    Help pet owners understand the risks of CIV contamination from group gatherings, such as doggy day care facilities

    watch video
  • CIV Education for Pet Owners

    Print this 4-page brochure overview of CIV for waiting rooms and exam rooms

  • CIV Vanguard H3N2 and H3N8 Available Here Sign

    Let pet owners know that your practice is equipped with Vanguard vaccines with this in-clinic sign

  • CIV Information Sheets

    Review the basics of canine flu with your pet owners and what they need to know and do

  • Social Media Posts for Your Practice

    Alert pet owners about a CIV outbreak and what they need to know to protect/vaccinate their pets with these Facebook® and Twitter® posts

  • Herd Immunity Flyer

    Download this helpful poster for your office to illustrate the importance of vaccination for herd containment




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