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VANGUARD® Rapid Resp 2 Intranasal

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) Background

Infectious respiratory disease in the dog is multifactorial, both bacterial and viral pathogens are frequently observed.  The clinical signs will often be identical regardless of the infecting pathogen.  Additionally, when respiratory diagnostic testing is performed in symptomatic dogs co-infections are often observed.  The presence of multiple pathogens may lead to more severe symptoms.   A multivalent immunization protocol can help PREVENT THE PREVENTABLE.

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    • Vanguard Rapid Resp 2 Intranasal helps protect dogs from two key pathogens associated with CIRD
    • Single-nostril (0.5 mL) respiratory vaccine that helps make administration fast and comfortable
    • Intranasal administration via syringe
  • For vaccination of healthy dogs 8 weeks of age or older as an aid in preventing canine parainfluenza caused by canine parainfluenza virus (CPiV) and disease caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica.

    Also available in trivalent (Bb, CPiV, CAV-2) and monovalent (Bb) options.