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Effective USDA-approved peroxyacetic acid antimicrobial agent for poultry and meat processing

Actrol™ is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved peroxyacetic acid antimicrobial agent for use as a spray or dip in process water used for washing, rinsing or cooling whole or cut meat or poultry including carcasses, parts, trim and organs. 

  • Demonstrated industry solution
  • Effective against typical meat and poultry pathogens including E. coli and Salmonella spp.1
  • No labeling requirements2
  • Approved for organic use
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    • Ingredients and Properties
    • Use and Handling
    • Compatibility
    • Storage and Classification
    • References
    • Documentation
  • Ingredients: Actrol contains peroxyacetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic acid (HEDP, stabilizer).


    Appearance Clear, colorless
    pH 4.0 to 5.5
    (190 ppm PAA dilution)
    Specific gravity at 25ºC 1.10
    Odor Pungent, vinegar-like
    Solubility Very soluble in water

  • Use: Actrol is approved for use as an antimicrobial agent in water for meat and poultry processing applications.1,4,5

    Handling: Please use the following instructions for safe handling:

    • Do not enter an enclosed area without proper respiratory protection.
    • Do not breathe vapors or mist.
    • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
    • Wear goggles, face shield and rubber gloves when handling.
    • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking or using tobacco.
    • Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.

    If mishandled, Actrol can:

    • Cause irreversible eye damage and skin burns
    • Be harmful if inhaled or absorbed through skin
    • Be harmful if swallowed

    For further safe handling details, please refer to the SDS.

  • Chemical incompatibility: Mix only with water. Avoid contact with strong alkaline material such as caustics and strong reducing agents. Do not mix with halogenated (chlorine) compounds.

    Material compatibility: Equipment, such as dip tanks and spray cabinets,  should be compatible with corrosive chemicals.

    Metals: Actrol, both concentrate and diluted forms, is recommended for use with:

    • Stainless steel types 304 and 316

    Plastics: Actrol, both concentrate and diluted forms, is recommended for use with:

    • Polypropylene (PP)
    • Polyethylene (PE)
    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)
    • Teflon® (PTFE)
    • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF — Kynar®, Hylar®, Solef®)
  • Storage Recommendations:

    • Never return Actrol to the original container after it has been removed.
    • Avoid all contaminants, especially dirt, caustics, reducing agents and metals; contamination and impurities reduce shelf life and induce decomposition.
    • In case of decomposition, isolate container, douse container with cool water and dilute this product with large volumes of water.
    • Avoid damage to containers.
    • Keep container closed at all times when not in use.
    • Keep container out of direct sunlight.
    • Store at temperatures below 80°F/26°C.
    • Shelf life up to 1 year when stored according to recommendations.

    Packaging: Actrol is available in the following (all containers vented):

    • 4.5-gallon poly pail
    • 53-gallon poly drum
    • 300-gallon tote IBCs 

    Product Weight: Actrol is 9.2 lb./gal. / 15.2 kg/L

    DOT Classification: Actrol is classified as UN3109, organic peroxide, Type F Liquid (peroxyacetic acid, stabilized), 5.2, (8), PG II.


  • Please refer to product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safe handling information prior to use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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