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Integrated Food Safety Management

Building a bridge between preharvest and post-harvest interventions

Through its Integrated Food Safety Management approach, Zoetis helps producers and processors address Salmonella at every stage to help ensure safe meat for consumers. We provide proactive solutions to help control Salmonella by utilizing both preharvest and plant interventions to help companies meet and exceed regulatory standards.

In broiler and turkey production, we strategically connect key operational phases with on-farm interventions that help bring healthier, cleaner birds into the processing plant and offer post-harvest solutions that help reduce bacterial load. Here’s how Zoetis builds a bridge for broiler production:

At the breeder farm

  • By providing trusted inactivated and live vaccines that aid in the reduction of Salmonella in the parent stock

In the hatchery

  • With Embrex® BioDevices to optimize the in ovo vaccination process, so that chicks are protected against disease threats at hatch
  • With an effective live vaccine to help reduce Salmonella in broiler flocks

At the broiler farm

  • With medicated feed additives that contribute to better intestinal health
  • With a water acidifier that optimizes water pH levels to help lower pathogen risks prior to processing
  • With an effective live vaccine to help reduce Salmonella in broiler flocks

In the processing plant

  • With peracetic acid formulations that reduce Salmonella contamination and Campylobacter in the processing plant
  • With a pH-based antimicrobial and acidifier with chemistries demonstrated to be effective against Campylobacter and Salmonella, available for pork, beef and poultry plants.

The right adviser

Zoetis offers tools, resources and experience to help you navigate food safety challenges. Our team of veterinarians and processing specialists can assist with protocol creation and flock health evaluations, risk assessments, employee training, diagnostics and bio-mapping. They bring decades of food safety and regulatory experience to build a bridge between preharvest and post-harvest interventions. It all adds up to better-informed food safety programs designed to protect your product and help you achieve regulatory compliance.

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