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The Equine Immunization Support Guarantee

A program that makes everyone feel better

We know that you have options when choosing your equine vaccines. So here’s a good reason to choose ours: the Zoetis Equine Immunization Support Guarantee (ISG). In essence, it means that if a horse which has been properly vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian with one of our qualified vaccines contracts the disease for which it was vaccinated against, Zoetis will reimburse your clients up to $5,000 in diagnostic and treatment costs. Click the appropriate tab below to find out more.

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    • Encourages horse owners to seek veterinary expertise and advice.
    • Helps extend protection afforded by our INNOVATOR® line of quality vaccines.
    • Reimburses clients up to $5,000 in the event of a vaccine break.
    • Benefits applicable if the animal is properly vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian.
    • Offers peace of mind by helping to protect your horse against infectious diseases — an important responsibility.
    • Builds partnership with your veterinarian when caring for your horse.
    • Available at no extra cost to you.
    • Reimburses you up to $5,000 for treatment and diagnostic costs.
    • Provides an ongoing record of vaccinations.
  • All products under the Zoetis WEST NILE-­‐INNOVATOR® and FLUVAC INNOVATOR® line of vaccines are eligible for the Equine ISG. This includes vaccines against the following diseases:

    West Nile
    Equine Influenza
    Equine Herpesvirus 1 and 4 (respiratory)
    Eastern Equine Encephalitis
    Western Equine Encephalitis
    Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis

  • Veterinarian

    Q. How do I enroll in the Equine ISG?
    A.Simply  contact your Zoetis sales representative to get enrolled.

    Q.Who do I contact for additional product information or support?
    A.Visit the Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support (VMIPS) section of the Zoetis website
    or call 800-­‐366-­‐5288.

     Horse Owners

    Q. Can I vaccinate my own horse and still participate in the Equine ISG?
    A. No. Vaccine handling, storage and administration are very important in maintaining vaccine quality and effectiveness. Veterinary clinicians are trained to minimize these potential threats to vaccine efficacy.

    Q. Are all Zoetis equine vaccines part of the Equine ISG?
    A.Only products under the WEST NILE-­‐INNOVATOR® and FLUVAC INNOVATOR® vaccine lines are currently eligible for the Equine ISG.

    Q. What happens if my horse is properly vaccinated by my veterinarian using an approved INNOVATOR® vaccine, and the horse gets sick anyway?
    A. In the unlikely event of a vaccine “break,” your veterinarian contacts Zoetis for guidance to begin immediate diagnostic work and appropriate treatment for that animal. Once a positive diagnosis is made, Zoetis will reimburse your veterinarian directly for expenses you have incurred, up to a total of $5,000.

    Q. Does it cost me anything for my horses to be covered under the Equine ISG?
    A. No. The program is free to both veterinarians and horse owners, as long as all of the vaccination requirements have been met.

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