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Now you can help reduce your horse’s risk of leptospirosis with LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR®, the first and only equine vaccine to help prevent leptospirosis caused by L. pomona. Created in collaboration with equine industry leaders, LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR helps prevent leptospiremia caused by L. pomona which could, but has not been demonstrated to, help reduce the potential risk of equine recurrent uveitis (ERU) infections, abortions or acute renal failure caused by L. pomona.*

Helps protect against the most clinically relevant equine serovar.

LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR targets Leptospira interrogans serovar Pomona, the serovar most frequently associated with the disease in horses.1 By using a single serovar, the vaccine provides precisely what the horse needs.2

Video: Incidence, Prevalence & Serovars

Demonstrated safe and effective.

LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR provides a safe immune response, as demonstrated in intensive safety and efficacy trials:

  • Vaccinated horses, 6 months of age or older, challenged with Leptospira interrogans serovar Pomona demonstrated 0% urinary shedding.2
  • In field safety studies with the administration of 2,272 vaccine doses, 99.9% of the horses were reaction-free. A reaction rate of 0.001% demonstrates the safety of LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR.3-5
  • LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR is USDA-licensed for use in pregnant mares for all trimesters of pregnancy. Field safety studies examined the vaccine when used in 457 mares across the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy and showed no systemic or local reactions were attributed to vaccine administration.4,5
  • No significant adverse events were attributed to vaccine administration.3-5

Vaccinate prior to exposure.

LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR is for the vaccination of healthy horses 6 months of age or older:

  • Inject a single 1-mL dose intramuscularly using aseptic technique.
  • Administer a second booster 1-mL dose three to four weeks after the first dose.
  • Annual revaccination with a single 1-mL dose is recommended.
  • CAUTIONS: Shake well. Use entire contents when first opened. Contains thimerosal as a preservative. In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. Store in the dark at 2° to 7°C (35° to 45°F). Avoid freezing. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.

MetaStim® adjuvant amplifies the immune response.

MetaStim, a proprietary adjuvant system designed for safe, enhanced presentation of L. pomona antigens to the horse’s immune system, features a dual-phase formulation shown to stimulate both cell-mediated and humoral immunity.6,7 Only INNOVATOR vaccines are adjuvanted with MetaStim for improved immune response.6,7

Zoetis is committed to your horse.

Zoetis continues to invest in research and development to bring you advanced vaccine solutions. The addition of LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR enriches our broad portfolio of core and risk-based vaccines:

To learn more about how LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR can help protect your horse, talk with your veterinarian.

*Currently, there are no vaccines available with USDA-licensed label claims against equine abortions, uveitis or acute renal failure due to L. pomona.




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