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NOLVASAN® Skin and Wound Cleanser

(chlorhexidine acetate)

Offers wide-spectrum antimicrobial activity and a rapid, residual antimicrobial effect


NOLVASAN Skin and Wound Cleanser has a wide range of antimicrobial activity and provides a rapid, residual antimicrobial effect.

Contains 2% (w/v) chlorhexidine acetate in a stable detergent base.

  • General Skin Cleansing: Thoroughly rinse area to be cleansed with water. Apply sufficient Nolvasan Skin and Wound Cleanser and wash gently. Rinse again thoroughly.

    Wound Cleansing: Rinse the area to be cleansed with clean water. A moistened gauze pad may be used to apply a small amount of Nolvasan Skin and Wound Cleanser to the affected area. Gently cleanse for 2-4 minutes. Additional water may be needed to obtain adequate sudsing. Repeat cleaning if necessary. Wipe away excess foam with a clean gauze pad. After cleansing, an antiseptic ointment or suitable dressing may be applied.

    Store at controlled room temperature 15°C–30°C (59°F–86°F).