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QUICKCLEAN® Waterless Shampoo

Cleans pet hair without wetting or rinsing, when bathing is not practical

Water isn’t always available when a pet needs a bath. QUIKCLEAN Waterless Shampoo cleans pet hair without wetting or rinsing. This waterless shampoo cleans and brightens pets and removes stains from pets. Its tearless formula is lanolin-enriched with optical brighteners.

A few of the many uses for QUIKCLEAN Waterless Shampoo:

  • To remove stains    
  • Between bathings
  • To spot clean and deodorize
  • When caring for kittens and puppies
  • After surgery
  • Soiling mishaps/manure stains
  • For cold weather cleaning
  • For old or sick pets
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    • Short-cut to a bath.
    • Contains conditioners and lanolin that will leave the skin and coat looking and feeling their best.
    • Tearless.
    • Contains no harsh chemicals.
    • Leaves no irritating residue.
    • Is pH balanced and mild.
  • Wet the hair of the area to be cleaned thoroughly with QuikClean Waterless Shampoo and massage well until a light cleansing foam appears. Use a sponge on the face. Dry with a soft, absorbent towel - then simply brush, comb or blow dry.