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(pyrantel pamoate)



STRONGID® Paste safely removes and controls various internal parasites in horses and ponies, including mature infestations of large strongyles, small strongyles, roundworms and pinworms.

Because every horse is unique, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) guidelines recommend working with your veterinarian to develop an Individualized Deworming plan tailored to your horse’s needs. Prior to purchasing a dewormer, ask your veterinarian to conduct a fecal egg count test. Then evaluate your horse’s individualized deworming needs by answering a few questions on

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    • Safe for use in horses and ponies, including breeding, pregnant and lactating mares and young foals
    • Active ingredient, pyrantel pamoate, is from the chemical class tetrahydropyrimidine, which is unrelated to other classes of equine anthelmintics
    • Effective against mature infections of roundworms, large strongyles, small strongyles and pinworms
    • Shown to be effective against benzimidazole-resistant strongyles1
    • Convenient disposable syringe treats up to 1,200 pounds of body weight
    • To be administered as a single oral dose of 3 mg pyrantel base per pound of body weight.
    • The syringe has four (4) weight mark increments. Each weight mark indicates the recommended dose for 300 pounds of body weight.
    • During the first year of life foals should receive a minimum of four anthelmintic treatments.2 Work with the veterinarian on your team to determine an Individualized Deworming program.
    • Deworming is an important part of prenatal care. To minimize the potential source of infection that the mare may pose to the foal, the mare should be treated with STRONGID Paste one (1) month prior to the anticipated foaling date followed by re-treatment 10 days to two (2) weeks after birth.

    How to Deworm

    As treatment doses are based on the weight of the animal, use a scale or weight tape to determine each animal's weight before treating. Once an accurate weight is known, treat each horse or pony with STRONGID Paste as follows:

    1. Adjust the ring to your animal’s weight and lock into place.
    2. Make sure there is no feed in the animal’s mouth.
    3. Remove the cap from the end of the syringe. Save the cap for reuse.
    4. Place the tip of the syringe inside the animal’s mouth at the space between the teeth.
    5. Gently push the plunger until it stops, depositing the gel on the back of the tongue.
    6. Remove the syringe from the animal’s mouth and raise the animal’s head slightly to make sure he swallows the gel.
    7. Replace the syringe cap.




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