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(trimethoprim and sulfadiazine)

TUCOPRIM Powder is a combination of trimethoprim and sulfadiazine in the ratio of 1 part to 5 parts by weight. Trimethoprim/sulfadiazine is indicated where control of bacterial infections is required during treatment of: Acute strangles, acute urogenital infections, respiratory tract infections, wound infections and abscesses. Trimethoprim/sulfadiazine is well tolerated by foals.

  • The recommended dose is 3.75 grams TUCOPRIM Powder per 50 kg (110 lbs) body weight per day. Each level, loose-filled scoop contains approximately 15 grams which is sufficient to treat 200 kg (440 lbs) of body weight. Since product contents may settle, gentle agitation during scooping is recommended. Administer orally once a day in a small amount of palatable feed.

    The usual course of treatment is a single, daily dose for five to seven days. Continue acute infection therapy for two or three days after clinical signs have subsided. If no improvement of acute infections is seen in three to five days, re-evaluate diagnosis. Trimethoprim/sulfadiazine may be used alone or in conjunction with intravenous dosing. Following treatment with trimethoprim/sulfadiazine 48% injection, therapy can be maintained using oral powder.

    A complete blood count should be done periodically in patients receiving trimethoprim/sulfadiazine for prolonged periods. If significant reduction in the count of any formed blood element is noted, treatment with trimethoprim/sulfadiazine should be discontinued.

Important Safety Information: Tucoprim should not be used in horses showing liver parenchymal damage, blood dyscrasias or in those with a history of sulfonamide sensitivity. Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.

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