Important factors to consider when selecting a vaccine

Not all vaccines are equal. Knowing all the facts about vaccines can help you choose the best options for your operation and help minimize the risk of reproductive diseases.

Consult with your veterinarian to understand specific product label claims and select the right vaccines for your operation. Start by reviewing key vaccine selection factors listed below. Roll over the numbers below for information on each level of protection.

Read vaccine labels to determine the level of protection that has been demonstrated and licensed for each pathogen (disease organism), and choose those with the highest level of protection. The five U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) label claims, starting with the highest level of protection are:

  • Prevention of infection: Prevents all colonization or replication of the challenge organism
  • Prevention of disease: Highly effective at preventing clinical disease
  • Aids in disease prevention: Aids in preventing disease by a clinically significant amount
  • Aids in disease control: Aids in reduction of disease severity, duration or onset
  • Other claims: Products with beneficial effects other than direct disease control

Want to know how different vaccines measure up?

A label claim comparison chart makes it easy for you to differentiate between vaccines that offer similar antigen combinations. To determine which vaccines are right for your operation, just follow these simple steps:

Bovi-Shield Gold Dairy vaccines measure

1. Scan the top bar to find the vaccines you’d like to compare.

1  |   2  |   3  |   4  |   5  |   6

Remember, not all vaccines are the same. It’s a good idea to review this comparison chart with your veterinarian to help choose the vaccines that are right for your operation.