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Label Update: Now with a revised label to extend use beyond 5 days.


Now with a revised label to extend use beyond 5 days.

Prevent Emesis as Long as Needed

CERENIA® (maropitant citrate) Tablets are approved for use until resolution of acute vomiting in dogs 7 months and older.

Steady State Levels Reached by Day Four in 14-day Pharmacokinetics Study13

In a 14-day repeat dose pharmacokinetics study in laboratory dogs, the time to reach steady state levels of maropitant metabolite was approximately 4 days for daily 2 mg/kg oral dosing. Steady state pharmacokinetics confirms that the rate of drug accumulation equals the rate of drug elimination.

Graph shows steady-state levels of maropitant 2 mg/kg dosage reached by day 4 of pharmacokinetics study

Extended Dosing Safety

In a laboratory safety study, 24 dogs 7 months of age were randomized into four groups of equal genders and given maropitant at O, 1, 5 or 2O mg/kg/day, once daily for 93 days. In the 2O mg/kg/day group, sporadic clinical signs (salivation, emesis), body weight loss and lower serum albumin levels, as well as increased P-R interval, P wave duration and QRS amplitude were noted. These effects were not noted in the other dosing groups.

Graphic shows dog and 2 mg/kg dosage with check mark indicating study support for dosage

This study supports the safe use of maropitant citrate at a dose of 2mg/kg (O.9 mg/lb) body weight once daily as long as needed.



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