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Make CERENIA a Part of Your Preoperative Protocol When Using Opioids

CERENIA® (maropitant citrate) is the only FDA-approved medication for the prevention of acute emesis in dogs. Emetogenic agents such as opioids can cause acute emesis. You use opioids as preanesthetics. As you know, a significant number of dogs experience vomiting following the administration of some opioids.1O In a recent study, CERENIA was used preoperatively to prevent vomiting.11

In a blinded, placebo-controlled study, with Cerenia dosed 45 minutes prior to the preoperative administration of morphine, results demonstrated a significant (p<O.O5) difference in the incidence of vomiting for CERENIA-treated dogs (n=15) compared to the placebo-treated dogs (n=16).11

Study Design:

The study included 31 dogs: 15 CERENIA-treated and 16 placebo-treated. Dogs received either CERENIA (1 mg/kg SQ) or saline 45 minutes prior to the preoperative administration of morphine (O.5 mg/kg SQ). Vomiting events were recorded for 3O minutes until propofol induction. All dogs underwent a routine spay or neuter under isoflurane. Dogs were offered their normal dry diet at 2, 3, 6 and 2O hours post-surgery.

New data demonstrate preoperative efficacy in prevention of vomiting caused by opioids


  • Vomiting: Events were recorded for 3O minutes post-administration of morphine.
  • Return to normal feeding: Defined as the time 1OO grams of food had been consumed.
  • Total food consumption: The amount of food eaten by 2O hours.

Return to feeding:

The study showed that significantly (p<O.O5) more CERENIA-treated dogs returned to normal feeding at 2O hours than placebo-treated dogs.

The study showed a significantly (p<O.O5) higher mean total food consumption. CERENIA-treated dogs consumed 4.85 times as much food: 19O.O grams versus 39.1 grams.