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Prevent Perioperative Vomiting With CERENIA When Using Opioids

As part of your preoperative protocol when you use opioids as preanesthetic agents, CERENIA® (maropitant citrate) can help prevent perioperative vomiting in your canine patients, as well as to help them return to normal feeding sooner.11,21

Efficacy in Preventing Perioperative Vomiting

Many dogs experience vomiting following the administration of some opioids.1O CERENIA can significantly reduce vomiting when used as part of a preoperative protocol.1O,11

A blinded, placebo-controlled study demonstrated that dogs treated with CERENIA 45 minutes before preoperative administration of morphine vomited significantly (p<O.O5) less than placebo-treated dogs.11

CERENIA dosed 45–60 min before opioids resulted in no post-op emesis in 100% of dogs

Helping Your Patients Return to Normal Feeding Sooner

Preoperative Administration Study11


The study showed that significantly (p<O.O5) more dogs treated with CERENIA prior to surgery returned to normal feeding by 2O hours than did placebo-treated dogs.

Study Design

  • Patients were 31 dogs undergoing routine spay or neuter under isoflurane.
more DVM quote describes patients' increased eagerness to eat postsurgically and earlier discharge from the hospital
Yellow dog eating: 91% of canine patients experienced faster return to normal feeding

91% of canine patients experienced faster return to normal feeding22

Preoperative Protocols Survey21

Veterinarians reported that:

Return to normal feeding: 88% were pleased to see it happen within 24 hours
DVM quote describes dog owner happiness about return to normal feeding post-op

Value of Comfort

DVM quote about now implementing CERENIA pre-op for all surgeries
93% of DVMs noted positive owner responses about pre-op antiemetic

That's the percentage of veterinarians who said that pet owners reacted positively when told in advance that their pet would receive an antiemetic.21

99% of owners said they'd want their dog to receive a pre-op antiemetic

And that's the percentage of dog owners who said they'd definitely or probably choose treatment to prevent opioid-induced vomiting in their pet.22

Learn more about preoperative implementation of Cerenia in your clinic

Everyday Use

CERENIA can help your canine patients and your team by preventing vomiting caused by opioids during spay, neuter, dental and other common procedures.



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