Mycoplasma waits for no pig

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Protect against mycoplasma at processing Early vaccination in action
Dr. Ron White, Zoetis, and Dr. Joe Connor, Carthage Veterinary Service, discuss the benefits of early vaccination. Pigs vaccinated with RespiSure-ONE® at processing had no adverse effects in behavior compared to pigs not vaccinated at processing.

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Four veterinarians share valuable insight into why they recommend vaccinating for mycoplasma while processing. Additionally, read what experts are saying in industry news.

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Early vaccination is important:
  • Pigs may be infected with mycoplasmal pneumonia during the first three weeks of life.1, 2
  • Early vaccination helps reduce potential clinical disease in the nursery.3


Now you have the convenience of vaccinating at processing:
  • The most flexible label claim on the market lets you decide what's best for your herd.
  • One-dose administration saves time and labor.


When challenged, pigs vaccinated at one day showed reduced lung lesions, colonization and shedding:4
  • RespiSure-ONE is demonstrated safe for use in day-old pigs.4
  • Duration of immunity in 1-day-old pigs has not been established.
  • 25-week duration of immunity when administered to pigs at 3 to 8 days of age.5


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