Support pre-fresh cow immunity

Cow photo Disease prevention is vital to maintaining pre-fresh cows' health and wellness. Their fragile immune systems make them easy targets for bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV). Pre-fresh cow immunity is challenged when the cows start preparing for freshening and colostrum production for their calves. This change, coupled with the demands of lactation, weakens their ability to respond to disease exposure.

To keep pre-fresh cows healthy from the dry period to lactation, protect their immune systems by:


  • Encouraging dry matter intake through regular access to feed and fresh water

  • Providing a clean, dry and comfortable resting space that accommodates pre-fresh cows? large bodies

  • Maintaining a constant exchange of fresh outside air

  • Vaccinating to help reduce the risk of BRSV infection

The proof is in the parlor

Vaccinating cows with INFORCEā„¢ 3 prior to freshening helps reduce the risk of BRSV infection during lactation and can have positive production and economic advantages,11 including up to:

  • 205 pounds more milk per cow per lactation

  • $36 greater income per head

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