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Assure Analgesia

Safely control postoperative pain in dogs 6 weeks or older

Assure Analgesia Assure Analgesia
  • Only RIMADYL® (carprofen) Injectable Analgesic has:

    • 12

      years on the market – the longest track record of any canine injectable NSAID

    • 10

      over 10 million dogs safely treated16

    • 40

      more than 40 scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals

  • The safety of RIMADYL Injectable has been proven in 15 studies evaluating the renal, coagulation and GI effects of this analgesic for dogs

    NSAIDs have little effect on renal perfusion in normovolemic dogs, but they may interfere with the autoregulatory function of prostaglandins, which becomes important during hypotension or hypovolemia. Inhibition of COX-2 enzymes and prostaglandins may interfere with the body’s ability to compensate for reductions in renal blood flow, potentially leading to kidney damage. Studies evaluating the effects of preoperative RIMADYL administration have found no clinically relevant effects on renal function in healthy dogs, normotensive dogs or dogs with low blood pressure.17-22

    Studies evaluating hemostatic effects of injectable or oral RIMADYL formulations for up to 7 days did not find any clinically relevant impacts on platelet function or coagulation.10,17,23-26

    NSAIDs are well tolerated in the vast majority of dogs. Although GI signs are the most common adverse events associated with this class of drugs, reports of GI adverse events with RIMADYL Injectable are infrequent.16 Additionally, clinical studies found the frequency of GI adverse effects following a single preoperative injection of RIMADYL was comparable to placebo controls.10

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RIMADYL is approved for administration in healthy dogs 6 weeks and older so that even young dogs can experience the benefits of analgesia with RIMADYL Injectable.

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