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Control Pain

Relieve dogs from experiencing immediate and ongoing pain

Control Pain Control Pain

Manage Inflammation in Dogs:

  • Inflammation: The origin of surgical pain

    Uncontrolled inflammation and accompanying pain caused by routine inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures causes lasting effects:

    • Stress
    • Fear
    • Central sensitization

    Undertreated acute pain caused by surgical procedures can develop into chronic pain that can persist after the original injury has healed.5-6

  • Control inflammation, control the impact of pain

    You can relieve development of chronic pain by including RIMADYL® (carprofen) as part of a multimodal pain protocol.

    • By using RIMADYL Injectable before surgery, you can preempt inflammation and pain
    • Continue analgesia with RIMADYL Chewables or Caplets until the pain and inflammation have resolved, adding other classes of analgesics as necessary
  • Four stages of pain

    RIMADYL Injectable intervenes at two critical steps on the pain pathway: Transduction and Modulation

  • Four stages of pain
    • Transduction


      Pain signal formation

      RIMADYL Injectable targets inflammation

    • Transmission


      Pain travels from site of trauma via peripheral nervous system

    • Modulation


      Pain is altered within the dorsal horn of the spinal cord

      RIMADYL Injectable inhibits COX2 enzymes,which can prevent central sensitization2

    • Perception


      Pain is acknowledged

  • Injectable analgesics have benefits over oral analgesics. Although effective, potential drawbacks of oral analgesics include:

    • Delayed absorption due to:
      • Effects of stress and/or anesthetic drugs on GI mobility
      • Vomiting due to anesthetic drugs
    • The patient’s mouth, jaw or neck is the surgical site
    • Fractious patients that are difficult to pill
  • No washout period

    Pain management is continued uninterrupted when RIMADYL Injectable is followed with RIMADYL Caplets or Chewables. There is no need for a washout period when administering oral RIMADYL to a patient that has been given RIMADYL Injectable.

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RIMADYL is approved for administration in healthy dogs 6 weeks and older so that even young dogs can experience the benefits of analgesia with RIMADYL Injectable.

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