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FarrowSure® GOLD

By protecting sows and gilts from costly breeding herd diseases – parvovirus, leptospirosis and erysipelas – FarrowSure GOLD and FarrowSure GOLD B provide you with more of what really counts – healthier pigs.

  • FarrowSure GOLD and FarrowSure GOLD B are approved for use in healthy breeding swine as an aid in preventing reproductive failure caused by porcine parvovirus (PPV), leptospirosis and erysipelas.*

    This reformulation has been designed to maintain the efficacy associated with FarrowSure and FarrowSure B against eight of the leading causes of reproductive failure in swine while at the same time providing a solid safety profile under field use conditions.

    * = Porcine Parvovirus (PPV), Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, Leptospira bratislava, L. canicola, L. grippotyphosa, L. hardjo, L. icterohaemorrhagiae and L. pomona.

    Offered in combinations:

    FluSure XP® /FarrowSure GOLD

    FluSure XP®/FarrowSure GOLD Plus B