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Be Sure Influenza Won't Impact Your Business

Swine Influenza Virus is Costly

Ever-shifting IAV-S virus continues to cause respiratory problems and decrease profitability in U.S. swine herds.

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Estimated at $3.23 to $10.31/pig1,2

Morbidity can reach 100% in the at-risk population, although mortality is generally low3

Pigs exhibit reduced performance due to anorexia and fever3

Medications to control secondary infections add cost to production4,5

1 of the Top 3 Respiratory Health Challenges

In a survey of 19 herds,6 IAV-S is ranked as 1 of the top 3 respiratory health challenges in terms of productivity losses and frequency of appearance.7,8

How IAV-S ranked as a health challenge in the surveyed herds in different stages of production:7,8

  • Breeding herds — Top health challenge
  • Nurseries — Third-highest health challenge
  • Finishers — Second-highest health challenge

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