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Help fight persistent SIV with a FluSure XP®
two-dose strategy

In many cases, traditional pre-farrowing vaccination is enough to control swine influenza virus (SIV). But if you're seeing persistent SIV issues, it may be due to unstable herd immunity. Because even if your sows aren't showing clinical signs, they can still shed SIV to piglets.

In situations like this, a new approach to controlling SIV while boosting herd immunity is warranted.

A two-dose FluSure XP strategy helps ensure that your entire population's immunity is strong enough to fight SIV - so that SIV doesn't become a problem for you. Or your farm's bottom line.

And as a follow-up to your FluSure XP two-dose strategy, stay vigilant with Flu DETECT® Swine, a new on-farm rapid test for SIV type A detection. It provides a cost-effective way to monitor SIV-clinical pigs at weaning to verify that they are not actively shedding SIV.

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