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Dr. Marty Mohr

How he found two doses. One solution. And no problem.1

Marty Mohr, DVM, New Ulm Regional Veterinary Center, oversees a 1,200-head sow farrow-to-finish operation in Minnesota. When he noticed acute coughing in suckling and nursery pigs due to SIV, he attacked the problem with good planning, sound science and strong monitoring.

"The owner took a leap of faith and trusted me and the diagnostic results because he knew we had to make a monumental shift in building immunity against SIV," said Mohr.

Within ten weeks of vaccinating the entire breeding herd with two doses of FluSure XP 21 to 28 days apart, SIV-negative pigs were achieved. All in less time than it takes to make an autogenous vaccine.

"If you have uncontrolled SIV issues, you can't sit back and hope that your pre-farrowing vaccination will provide enough immunity to piglets through the sow's colostrum," says Mohr. "You need to reduce the viral load in the entire population in order to end clinical signs in suckling and nursery pigs."

The owner also noticed that by controlling SIV with this different strategy, it helped reduce secondary respiratory issues. Now that the operation has SIV under control, the key to keeping the herd healthy is constant monitoring to make sure that young pigs stay SIV negative. For that, there's Flu DETECT® Swine.

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