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Be Sure You Have An Effective Vaccine

Here's what rethinking strategies did for two farms.

Minnesota Swine Breeding Herd Vaccination

Dr. Marty Mohr found two doses. One solution. And no problem.1

An outbreak of influenza H1N2 in piglets in December 2010

Marty Mohr, DVM, New Ulm Regional Veterinary Center, oversees a 1,200-head sow farrow-to-finish operation in Minnesota. When he noticed acute coughing in suckling and nursery pigs due to swine influenza, he attacked the problem with good planning, sound science and strong monitoring.

"The owner took a leap of faith and trusted me and the diagnostic results because he knew we had to make a monumental shift in building immunity against swine influenza," Mohr said.

Updating the vaccination strategy from autogenous IAV-S vaccine to FluSure XP®

Within 10 weeks of vaccinating the entire breeding herd with two doses of FluSure XP® five weeks apart, IAV-S-negative pigs were achieved. All in less time than it takes to make an autogenous vaccine.

IAV-S negative pigs achieved in 10 weeks1
IAV-S negative chart
The advantage of FluSure XP® vs. autogenous vaccines
Product advantage chart

Iowa Commercial Herd Field Experience

Dr. Bill Hollis saved the day in just eight weeks.2

A commercial herd in Iowa experienced swine respiratory disease caused by swine influenza virus and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus.

When coughing, weaned pigs started leaving the farrowing barn for entry into the nursery, Bill Hollis, DVM, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd., knew something different had to be done on his client's 3,600-head Iowa sow farm. It was clear this persistent swine influenza issue demanded an alternative strategy. More than 10% of pigs had signs of IAV-S, and both H1N2 and H3N2 viruses were isolated.

An effective two-dose breeding herd vaccination program with FluSure XP®

Hollis recommended a strategic change to boost immunity: Vaccinate the entire breeding herd with two doses of FluSure XP®.

Improved mortality and economic benefits

"I was skeptical, but this strategy worked very well to stop the swine influenza activity. It eliminated coughing pigs, improved gilt health post-arrival and drastically improved overall pig quality in just eight weeks," Hollis said. "We went from an average post-weaning mortality of 12% to 4.4%."

According to the operation’s production supervisor and on-farm manager, pigs were no longer coughing and were starting on feed better post-weaning. Clinical signs almost completely disappeared in nursing pigs.

Going with FluSure XP was clearly the right decision to help get immunization started. With two doses of FluSure XP, positive and consistent results were seen in the same amount of time it would have taken to create an autogenous vaccine.

Hollis said, "With smoldering swine influenza virus activity, I recommend swine veterinarians consider this alternative stratergy to aggressively homogenize the sow herd's immunity to improve the quality of weaned pigs leaving the farm."

Approximate 18:1 return on investment2

The potential increase in income per year for this operation was almost $200,000 for a $10,800 investment, which equates to an approximate 18 to 1 return on investment.

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