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Flu DETECT® Swine

Stay vigilant

Flu DETECT® Swine is the first licensed rapid on-farm test for SIV type A detection.

SIV has a short window of detection - it can only be detected during the first 5 to 7 days after infection.1 Flu DETECT Swine allows for a cost-effective way to monitor SIV-clinical pigs at weaning to determine if they are SIV positive.

Flu DETECT Swine is packaged in 20-test boxes. It is recommended to collect no less than 20 swabs per site to provide optimal opportunity to identify if SIV is present.

FluSure XP and Flu DETECT Swine are pivotal tools in helping control SIV and helping wean SIV-negative pigs.

Learn more by reading the Flu DETECT Swine Detailer.

Utilize the Flu DETECT Swine Decision Trees for helpful recommendations.

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