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Support beyond purchase

Zoetis not only keeps up with the science of swine influenza virus (SIV), but also provides producers and veterinarians with complete support after FluSure XP® and FluSure® Pandemic are purchased. The FluSure XP Defense SystemTM utilizes the following key areas of support to continually help the industry find new answers to control SIV and help customers protect their swine herds.

SIV surveillance team

A team of experts with interdisciplinary backgrounds monitor SIV pathogenesis and prevalence. This team works closely with universities, veterinary diagnostics laboratories and customers to evaluate which strains are impacting the industry now and which ones may become problematic in the future.


Zoetis employs some of the industry's top swine pathogen experts and has direct access to SIV-focused veterinarians and researchers to help with product advancement and preparation of easy to understand and relevant educational pieces.


Investing more than $300 million and more than 700 researchers, Zoetis commits more to research than any other animal health company in the world. This allows them to discover new and better solutions to fight animal diseases.


STOMP® PLUS is a diagnostic program that helps pinpoint what diseases are occurring, as well as the level and timing of infection, so control programs can be implemented when they will do the most good to help maximize production and optimize profitability. The goal is to keep the overall disease load in herds below thresholds levels where clinical respiratory disease appears.

Field support

The Zoetis highly skilled and experienced veterinary operations team and sales force truly knows the pork industry and provides valued, custom support.

Manufacturing support

Zoetis has a long-standing history of manufacturing animal health products. Their facilities are staffed by highly trained technicians, and their demonstrated systems ensure every product is produced to the highest standards and quality, in a consistent supply.