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FluSure XP

Helping guard against current flu strains

FluSure XP® has been updated to include a fourth strain of swine influenza virus (SIV) to help protect against the important subtypes and clusters circulating in swine today.

Now the only commercial product to contain an H1N2 subtype, FluSure XP still contains two H1N1s and an H3N2 subtype.

Challenge studies have demonstrated that FluSure XP helps provide cross-protection against five clusters or subclusters of H1 viruses, plus H3N2.1-7

  • Alpha H1N1
  • Beta H1N1
  • Gamma H1N1
  • Delta 1 H1N2
  • Delta 2 H1N1
  • Cluster IV H3N2

Researchers recently identified the subclusters Delta 1 and Delta 2 in the Delta H1 cluster.8-11 That?s why Zoetis updated FluSure XP in 2011 to include a Delta 1 H1N2 strain.

FluSure XP and FluSure® Pandemic vaccines, important tools in the FluSure XP Defense SystemTM, help guard against 9 out of 10 of the most current flu strains.12

FluSure XP Product Sheet

  • 50 doses (SKU# 5275)
  • 250 doses (SKU# 5276)

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