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Be Sure You Have The Coverage You Need

FluSure XP® Vaccine

FluSure XP® is a killed vaccine indicated for the vaccination of healthy swine, including pregnant sows and gilts, 3 weeks of age or older as an aid in preventing respiratory disease caused by IAV-S subtypes H1N1, H1N2 and H3N2 Clusters IV-A and IV-B.1


FluSure XP® covers the most relavent IAV-S subtypes circulating in swine production today.2

  • The only commercial vaccine that covers H3N2 Clusters IV-A and IV-B.3,4 In 2016, Zoetis updated FluSure XP to cover H3N2 Clusters IV-A and IV-B — the most prevalent H3N2 clusters. H1N1 Delta-2 strain was removed, as it has been shown in surveillance to be of low prevalence in the United States.3
  • Still the only commercial IAV-S vaccine that covers subtype H1N2.4
  • Available in combination with other important antigens.
  • Amphigen®, the adjuvant in FluSure XP, means excellent syringeability at any temperature, which makes vaccination easier and encourages compliance with Pork Quality Assurance® standards.
Updated FluSure XP®

Cluster chart

Updated FluSure® Cross-protection Technical Update


Safety of FluSure XP® in pregnant sows and gilts was demonstrated in three clinical studies.5,6,7 Out of 449 pregnant sows:

  • No systemic reactions were reported.
  • 99.5% of vaccinates were free of injection-site reactions.
  • Vaccinated sows farrowed at 97.9% to 98.7% compared with controls who farrowed at 96% to 98.5%.
  • No differences were observed between vaccinated sows and saline-vaccinated control sows in:
    • Number of pigs born live
    • Number of dead pigs
    • Number of mummified pigs

Dosage and Administration

Healthy swine 3 weeks of age or older should receive two 2 mL doses administered intramuscularly approximately three weeks apart. In young pigs, vaccinate after maternally derived antibodies to IAV-S have declined. Mix diluent with care, using sterile techniques.

  • 50 doses (SKU# 5275)
  • 250 doses (SKU# 5276)
Withdrawal time and storage chart

Available in Easy-To-Use Combinations

  • FluSure XP/FarrowSure® GOLD
    50 doses - SKU # 10015316
    250 doses - SKU # 10015319
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/ER Bac® Plus
    50 doses - SKU # 10015325
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/FarrowSure® GOLD B
    50 doses - SKU # 10015320
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/RespiSure®
    50 doses - SKU # 10015326
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/RespiSure-ONE®
    50 doses - SKU # 10015328
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/Sterile Diluent
    50 doses - SKU # 10015321
    250 doses - SKU # 10015323
    Product image
  • FluSure XP/RespiSure-ONE®/ER Bac® Plus
    50 doses - SKU # 10015330
    Product image

Vaccination Strategies

Work with your herd's veterinarian to find the best vaccination strategy for your operation.

FluSure XP product
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Now with expanded H3N2 coverage, FluSure XP® is designed to keep up with changing needs to help protect against the most prevalent influenza strains impacting swine farms today.11

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