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Be Sure You Have An Effective Vaccine

Demonstrated Protection of FluSure® Pandemic in Pigs Challenged with PH1N1

Challenged with pH1N1, pigs vaccinated with FluSure® Pandemic helps provide optimum immunity against a homologous (same) strain of swine influenza circulating in North American pigs.1,2

Demonstrated Protection of FluSure XP®

Zoetis is committed to ensuring FluSure XP® covers the most prevalent IAV-S strains circulating in swine production.3

Protection was demonstrated by reduction of lung lesions, rectal temperature, nasal shedding and viral titer in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid at necropsy.4 This means the most demonstrated, relevant cross-protection against the following strains:3,4,5

  1. Delta-1 H1N2
  2. Gamma H1N1
  3. Clusters IV-A and IV-B of the H3N2 subtype

When pigs vaccinated with FluSure XP were challenged with a virulent H3N2 Cluster IV-A strain, the vaccine had:4

Lung lesions reduction
71% reduction in lung lesions
Nasal shedding and BAL fluids reduction
85% reduction in nasal shedding and 100% reduction in BAL fluids

Nasal virus titers
Lower mean nasal virus titers
HI antibody cross-reactivity
Demonstrated HI antibody titer cross-reactivity

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