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Fostera® Gold PCV MH delivers the broadest antigenic protection available against porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) and provides long-lasting Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) protection1 that your pigs need.

That’s because it contains two PCV2 genotypes — PCV2a and PCV2b — to provide broader antigenic coverage.2-7

Fostera Gold PCV MH has the longest duration of immunity (DOI) available against PCV2 at 23 weeks,8,9 as well as a DOI of at least 23 weeks against M. hyo.1

PCV2 Changes; Your Vaccine Should, Too.

For the broadest antigenic and longest-lasting PCV2 coverage available, there’s only one choice — Fostera Gold PCV MH.

With Fostera Gold PCV MH, you get:

More pounds of pork to market.10
In a study, vaccinated pigs performed better than saline controls, delivering up to 1.61 pounds per day in average daily gain and up to 257 pounds in close-out weights.
Healthy Pig
Broader antigenic protection against quickly evolving PCV2.11
Demonstrated efficacy and safety against common PCV2 strains.1-10
Increased productivity through finishing10
Comprehensive support from Zoetis.

See how Fostera Gold PCV MH stacks up

  Fostera® Gold PCV MH Circumvent® PCV M G2 Ingelvac CircoFLEX®/
Ingelvac MycoFLEX®
Antigens included
  • PCV2a genotype
  • PCV2b genotype
  • M. hyo
  • PCV2a genotype
  • M. hyo
  • PCV2a genotype
  • M. hyo
PCV2 duration of immunity (DOI)
  • At least 23 weeks
  • At least 20 weeks
  • At least four months (approximately 16 weeks)
M. hyo DOI
  • At least 23 weeks
  • None demonstrated
  • At least 26 weeks
Adjuvant formulation
  • MetaStim®
  • Microsol Diluvac Forte
  • ImpranFLEX water-based
Vaccine structure
  • Whole virus
  • Baculovirus
  • Baculovirus


Visit the Resources page for expert articles, helpful videos and product resources to help you adapt your protection to the threats lingering in your operation. Contact your Zoetis representative to learn more about Fostera Gold PCV MH.

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