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type A antigen test kit

Rapid, reliable screening test to detect (SIV) virus type A in Swine

  • Influenza Type A viruses can infect swine species and subtypes H1N1 and H3N2 viruses are associated with disease in swine.
  • The Flu DETECT® Swine Influenza Virus Type A Antigen Test Kit is an in vitro, Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) test designed to aid in the qualitative detection of Swine Influenza (SIV) Type A virus in nasal samples from pigs.
  • Positive results may be submitted to a reference lab for confirmation and subtype determination. Negative results indicate no detectable SIV is present.

Units per kit: 20 test

Sample type: Nasal samples

Test time: 15 minutes

Storage: 2-30 °C (35-86 °F) Do Not Freeze