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Zoetis Triamulox

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Triamulox Liquid Concentrate is a formulation of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate for the treatment of two important infectious diseases of pigs: swine dysentery and swine pneumonia. The “high potency, low resistance” properties, given over five days without age restrictions in drinking water, make Triamulox a great choice for quick, effective whole-herd treatment using a convenient liquid concentrate formulation.

As with all disease treatments, we recommend working with your veterinarian to diagnose the condition affecting your pigs and the best treatment option for them.

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    • The same proven efficacy as Denagard® LC
      Approved bioequivalent to Denagard® LC for swine dysentery and swine pneumonia 

    • Convenient dosing via daily drinking water
      A liquid concentrate formulation of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate to effectively treat swine dysentery, swine pneumonia, or both1,2

    • The assurance of high potency, low resistance tiamulin hydrogen fumarate
      Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate is widely considered to be the most effective antimicrobial against swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae1,3,4

    • Quick, effective, whole-herd treatment
      Five-day dosing, no age restrictions1,2 

    • Available in two packaging options
      Available in 1-quart (32 fl. oz.; 946 mL) and 5-quart (160 fl. oz.; 4730 mL) bottles and contains a 12.3% concentration of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate (THF) in the solution 

  • The concentration of Triamulox in the drinking water must be adjusted to compensate for variation in water consumption due to weight or size of the pig, environmental temperature, and other factors. 

    It is important that pigs receive the proper dose, 3.5 mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate per pound for swine dysentery or 10.5 mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate per pound for swine pneumonia, each day for five consecutive days.

    Prepare fresh medicated drinking water every day for the five-day treatment period.

    Water medicated with Triamulox should be the only source of drinking water during the treatment period.

    Directions for using Triamulox Liquid Concentrate in medicated proportioners:
    One quart of Triamulox mixed with water to make four gallons of stock solution and this stock solution metered at one fluid ounce per gallon will provide 227 mg of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate per gallon to 512 gallons of drinking water for treatment of swine dysentery. Three quarts of Triamulox mixed with water to make four gallons of stock solution and this stock solution metered at one fluid ounce per gallon will provide 681 mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate per gallon to a total of 512 gallons of drinking water for treatment of swine pneumonia.

    Directions for preparing Triamulox Liquid Concentrate medicated solutions:
    Determine the amount of Triamulox needed to medicate the desired volume of drinking water at the proper concentration. Carefully measure out this amount, add it to the water, and stir to thoroughly mix.

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     Triamulox Liquid Concentrate

    Net tiamulin hydrogen fumarate content 1-quart bottle:

    116,400 mg

    Diseases to be treated:

    Swine dysentery

    Swine pneumonia

    Daily tiamulin hydrogen fumarate required per pound of pig body weight:

    3.5 mg

    10.5 mg

    Required treatment duration:

    5 days

    Pig body weight this bottle will treat for ONE day:

    33,257 lb

    11,086 lb

    Number of pigs this bottle will treat for ONE day:

    Pig body weight (lb) 




















    Suggested final dilution of:

    1 bottle 

    3 bottles 

    1/2 pint (8 oz) 

    1 1/2 pints (24 oz) 


    512 gal

    128 gal



    512 gal

    43 gal

    128 gal

    Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate concentration per gallon at suggested final dilution*

    227 mg
    (60 ppm)

    681 mg
    (180 ppm)

    Mixing a 4-gallon stock solution

    1 quart Triamulox

    3 quarts Triamulox

    *Note: Increase or decrease dilution rate as required to obtain proper daily drug dose. 

    While Triamulox is not a prescription product, as with all antibiotics, we recommend producers work with their veterinarian to properly diagnose the disease being treated and the most effective treatment for their pigs.

    Please see Product Label for full dosage information.

  • 1Wilberts BL, Arruda PH, Warneke HL, Erlandson KR, Hammer JM, Burrough ER. Cessation of clinical disease and spirochete shedding after tiamulin treatment in pigs experimentally infected with Brachyspira hampsonii. Res Vet Sci. 2014;97(2):342–348.

    2Triamulox [package insert]. Kalamazoo, MI: Zoetis Inc; 2016

    3Krasucka D, Mitura A, Cybulski W, et al. Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate - veterinary uses and HPLC method of determination in premixes and medicated feeding stuffs. Acta Pol Pharm.2010;67(6):682–685.

    4Freedom of Information Summary for ANADA 200-512.
    Updated November 7, 2014. Accessed May 1, 2018.


Withdraw medicated water 3 days before slaughter after use at 3.5 mg per pound and 7 days before slaughter after use at 10.5 mg per pound. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.

Talk with your veterinarian about Triamulox.

Denagard is a registered trademark of Elanco US Inc. THF-00013



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