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Avian Encephalomyelitis - Fowl Pox Vaccine, Live Virus


AE-Poxine® is recommended for the prevention of avian encephalomyelitis (AE) and fowl pox when it is administered as directed to healthy pullets between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the start of egg production.

  • Single vial combination saves time, labor and money

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  • Supplied in 10 x 1,000 dose units

    Directions for Administration:

    Rehydrate 1 vial of this vaccine with 1 vial of diluent.

    Remove aluminum seal and rubber stopper from vaccine vial and from diluent vial. Avoid contamination of the stoppers and the vials’ contents.

      1. Pour approximately one-half the diluent into the vaccine vial. Replace stopper and shake gently until contents are dissolved.
      2. Pour all the reconstituted vaccine back into the remaining diluent in the diluent bottle. Replace diluent stopper and gently mix. The vaccine is then ready for use.
      3. Hold individual bird and spread wing with the underside facing upwards.
      4. Dip the vaccinator tool into the vaccine. Take care that the channels of the needles are immersed.
      5. Stick the vaccine-laden needles through the membrane, or web, of the wing, avoiding blood vessels, bones and wing muscles.
      6. Attempt to use all of the vaccine from 1 vial within 1 hour after rehydrating.

      Note: Some swelling may occur at the site of the puncture as early as the fourth day following vaccination. The swelling may increase during the next 5 days, and a scab may form at the site.

      • For Veterinary use only.
      • Do not expose the vaccine to either direct sunlight or extreme heat during the vaccinating procedure.
      • The vaccine should not be allowed to touch the feathers, the head of the chicken, or the bird’s skin (except at the site of vaccination).
      • For wing-web stab administration only.
      • The use of this vaccine is subject to state laws, wherever applicable.

      Storage and Handling:

      • This product should be stored, transported and administered in accordance with the directions.
      • Store this vaccine at not over 45°F (7°C).
      • Use entire contents when vial is first opened.
      • Burn vaccine container and all unused contents.
      • Keep a record of vaccine serial number and expiration date; date of receipt and date of vaccination; where vaccination took place; and any reactions observed.


    • Not for use in humans. Contains gentamicin as a preservative.
    • Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.



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