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Waste Disposal Systems

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  • Description
    The vacuum system is an efficient, convenient and bio-safe method to dispose of eggshell refuse, unhatched eggs and culled chicks/poults. The system is independent of the hatchery layout and eliminates exposure of waste products to live production. The holding tank with support structure is located outside the hatchery for easy and convenient emptying.


    • Available in sizes ranging from 100 to 700 cubic foot storage capacity, or as a continuous flow system for direct flow into a container or truck, eliminating the holding tank.
    • System delivered completely ready for installation on a cement pad.
    • Multiple hopper system.
    • Easy connection to chick/shell separator for no contact removal.
    • 30 horsepower vacuum pump package available for multiple pick-up and/or long distance flow requirements.
    • Reduced voltage "soft start" for reduced inrush current and smoother ramp-up of the vacuum pump.
    • Automatic Rinse Option
    • Large 36 inch diameter "Easy-Flow™" dump door that will not clog like competitors models.
    • Exclusive "no-leak" gasket and pneumatic seal/lock system is guaranteed not to leak.
    • Fully pneumatic dump door control system greatly reduces maintenance and eliminates the need for electrical power feed to the outside tank, reducing installation costs.
    • Every vacuum holding tank features a rinsing system for easy rinse after each dump assisting in proper dump door sealing and reducing bacteria and odor.
    • Durable performance built 25 horsepower vacuum pump package includes Roots Universal RAI Rotary vacuum pump, heavy duty muffler/silencer, U.S. manufactured high efficiency TEFC motor with 1.15 minimum service factor, full motor control panel with motor starter, disconnect, individual fusing and overload protection. NEMA 12 control enclosure.
    • Large, easy access vertical filter chamber with drain valve is designed for easy maintenance and superior protection for the vacuum pump.
    • Sandblasted tank coated with epoxy primer and durable polyurethane finish prevents premature corrosion. Some competitors just provide primer protection without sandblasting.
    • Professionally engineered frame and holding tank ensure that the entire system has structural integrity and meets your building insurance requirements.
    • Fully stainless steel piping, elbows and dump hoppers for superior corrosion protection and easy cleaning.
  • Description
    All chick or poults are instantly and efficiently macerated with a high speed rotary blade action.


    • Approved as a humane method for disposing of by-products chicks or culls
    • Reduces overall shell waste volume
    • High quality stainless steel frame, body and blades
    • Washdown duty direct drive motor
    • Wiring/junction box and automatic safety shut-off switch included
    • Motor starter/overload protection included
    • Easily hooks up to vacuum system piping with bolt-on couplings
    • Angled body design improves chick/waste flow through unit
    • Simple maintenance
    • Quality stainless construction, hardware and welding
    • Standard, TEFC C-flange and integral motors
    • Standard imperial stainless hardware
    • Oxide coated bearings and sprockets resist rust and corrosion
    • Quality standard components ensure equipment longevity and availability of spare parts
  • Features

    • High quality stainless steel construction
    • Compact unit with flip top for easy cleaning
    • All chicks or poults disposed in the macerator are instantly and efficiently macerated with a high speed rotary action
    • The macerator unit is approved as a humane means to dispose of by-product chicks or culls
    • All chicks or poults can be manually placed directly into the macerator or can be run on a conveyor belt with discharge into the macerator directly from the sexing table
    • Unit easily hooks up to vacuum system for convenient disposal



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