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Bursal Disease Vaccine, Live Virus


Bursaplex® vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy chickens as an aid in the prevention of bursal disease. It is recommended for subcutaneous injection of chickens at one day of age or in ovo vaccination of 18-19 day old embryonated chicken eggs using the Embrex® Inovoject® System.

  • Helps deliver uniform flock protection in a single dose
  • Unique proposed mode of action helps provide lifelong broiler protection regardless of maternal antibody levels
  • Flexible administration—vaccinate in ovo or at hatch
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  • Supplied in 25 x 2,000 and 15 x 8,000 dose size

    Rehydration of Vaccine:

    1. Dilute the vaccine only as directed, observing all precautions and warnings for handling.
    2. Rehydrate only the vials of vaccine that are to be used immediately.
    3. For each 1,000 doses of vaccine to be administered by subcutaneous injection, use 200 mL of sterile diluent. For each 4,000 doses of vaccine to be administered in ovo, use 200 mL of sterile diluent.
    4. Transfer enough diluent to the vial containing the lyophilized virus to fill it about 3/4 full. Replace the stopper and shake the contents vigorously until the vaccine is evenly suspended.
    5. Pour the virus suspension into the remaining diluent. Replace the stopper and thoroughly mix the vaccine and diluent by swirling and inverting.
    6. Rinse the vial to be sure of removing all the vaccine.
    7. Use the vaccine-diluent mixture immediately as described for subcutaneous injection or in ovo administration.
    8. Keep the bottle of diluted vaccine in an ice bath and agitate continuously.

    In Ovo Administration:

    1. Sanitize the Inovoject® Egg Injection System before and after use.
    2. Inject a 0.05 mL dose into each embryonated egg.
    3. Use the entire contents of the vaccine container within one hour after mixing.

    Important: Before initiating in ovo vaccination, carefully read and follow the Inovoject® operator's manual. Failure to follow instructions may result in personal injury, embryonic morbidity and mortality. Only healthy embryonated eggs should be used.

    Subcutaneous Injection Administration:

    1. Use a sterile automatic syringe with a 20 – 22 gauge, 3/8 – 1/2 inch needle that is set to accurately deliver 0.2 mL. Check the accuracy of delivery several times during the vaccination procedure.
    2. Hold the chicken by the back of the neck, just below the head. The loose skin in this area is raised by gently pinching with the thumb and forefinger. Insert the needle beneath the skin in a direction away from the head. Inject 0.2 mL per chicken. Avoid hitting the muscles and bones in the neck.
    3. Use entire contents of bottle within one hour after mixing. 

    Important: Sterilize vaccinating equipment by autoclaving 15 minutes at 121°C or by boiling in water for 20 minutes. Never allow any chemical disinfectant to come in contact with vaccinating equipment.

    • For Veterinary use only.
    • Administer a full dose to each embryonated egg or to each bird.
    • Do not vaccinate diseased embryonated eggs or diseased birds.
    • Do not place chickens in contaminated facilities.
    • Exposure to disease must be minimized as much as possible.
    • Avoid stress conditions during and following vaccination.
    • Vaccinate all birds on the premises at one time.
    • When using in ovo vaccination, this vaccine may be combined only with Merial Select’s Marek's Disease Vaccine, Serotypes 2 and 3, Live Virus (List No. MHSF-3115 and MHSF-3175).
    • Use only in localities where permitted.
    • Use only in flocks with a history of Infectious Bursal Disease.

    Storage and Handling:

    • Store at 35 – 45°F (2 – 7°C). Do not freeze. Use entire vial contents when first opened.
    • Burn container and all unused contents.
    • Diluent: Store at room temperature.


  • Not for human use. Contains gentamicin as a bacteriostatic agent.
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.



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