Developing an Effective Vaccination Program

Vaccination programs are another proactive way to help protect a flock. Salmonella vaccination helps to reduce infections in individual chickens, helps to reduce the number of positive flocks and helps minimize the amount of Salmonella shed into the environment. In addition, by vaccinating poultry flocks for Salmonella, we hope to help reduce the potential risk of human S. enteritidis (SE) outbreaks and help protect our brands and the industry image.

Modified-Live vs. Inactivated Vaccines

Both inactivated and modified-live vaccines are highly beneficial to bird health and can be administered at an early age to help reduce disease before it starts. There are long-term advantages to inactivated and modified-live vaccines, as both have specific benefits that can increase efficiency and economic value of a flock.

  • Inactivated vaccines introduce circulating antibodies that are effective in helping reduce transmission of disease and helping provide serotype-specific immunity.
  • Modified-live vaccines are thought to be fast-acting for early protection and help build immunity at a young age. Modified-live vaccines also may provide cross-protection within serogroups.

Developing a Vaccination Program

Salmonella vaccination programs can consist of either inactivated, modified-live vaccines or a combination, depending on the flock's needs.

Inactivated vaccination only:

  • Best suited for SE-positive layer complexes
  • Complements other control measures on high-risk layer farms
  • Bacterins can be given at same time as other inactivated vaccines

Modified-live vaccination only:

  • Suitable for SE-negative pullet and layer farms
  • Complements other control measures on low-risk farms
  • Follows the 3-3-3 Rule of Thumb: vaccinate at 3 Days, 3 Weeks and 3 Months

Inactivated and modified-live vaccination:

  • Can offer the most complete program
  • Appropriate for maximum risk reduction
  • Helps provide earlier protection for pullets
  • Modified-live vaccines can help enhance bacterin response

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Zoetis' Salmonella portfolio offers a variety of prevention options for one of the most detrimental diseases to the poultry industry. Providing both modified-live and inactivated vaccines, Poulvac® Salmonella products give producers the ability to fight Salmonella bacteria that can decrease the economic value and financial viability of their businesses. Vaccination programs from Zoetis can help fight Salmonella and related diseases before they start.

Our Products

Zoetis offers Poulvac ST, Poulvac SE-ND-IB and Poulvac SE for a sound management program. These vaccines all help reduce Salmonella enteritidis, while the modified-live vaccine Poulvac ST also helps reduce Salmonella heidelberg and Salmonella Salmonella typhimurium

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Our Products

Poulvac® Salmonella products give producers the ability to help reduce Salmonella enteritidis, S. heidelberg and S. typhimurium and other diseases before they start.


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