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For the health of your flock. For the health of your business.

Your operation faces different challenges with every flock and every season. Protecting it demands an understanding of your unique environment, risks and disease threats. That’s why we work with you to tailor solutions to help protect your flock and your profitability today and for the long term.

We offer a broad range of vaccines, feed additives, biodevices, diagnostics and food safety products — and we continuously monitor conditions to address evolving disease challenges. It’s all backed by expert technical support that’s ready to help around the clock and around the United States.

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  • Automation Products

  • Chick Counter 
    Egg Remover®
    Inovoject® M
    Inovoject® Vaccine Saver®

  • Avian encephalomyelitis and fowl pox:

    Infectious Bursal Disease:
    Bursine® Plus
    Poulvac Maternavac® IBD-Reo 

    Infectious laryngotracheitis:

    Marek’s disease:
    MD-Vac® CFL
    Poulvac® Marek CVI+HVT
    Poulvac® Ovoline CVI

    Infectious Bronchitis (IB):
    Poulvac® Bron GA08
    Poulvac® Bron GA98
    Poulvac® IB Ark
    Poulvac® IBMM + Ark

    Newcastle disease (ND):
    Newcastle B1
    Newcastle Lasota
    Poulvac Aero® ND
    Combination ND and IB:
    Newcastle B1 + Bronchitis Mass + Conn
    Newcastle LaSota + Bronchitis Mass II
    Poulvac Aero®

    Tenosynovitis (viral arthritis):
    V.A. Chickvac

    Escherichia coli (E. Coli):
    Poulvac® E. coli

    Poulvac® Myco F

    Poulvac® Cholera PM-1

    Poulvac® SE
    Poulvac® SE-ND-IB
    Poulvac® ST

    Poulvac® iN + B
    Pro Vac® 4 ACL
  • Commitment to Veterinarians
    Salmonella protection


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