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More protection. More productivity.

Every hen that is protected has the potential to produce more. However, in commercial breeder production, E. coli can be everywhere, and the predisposing environmental factors are impossible to eliminate. Each factor can spark colibacillosis and respiratory distress, increase mortality and reduce flock performance.

Poulvac® E. coli is the only available modified-live E. coli vaccine that is safe for birds.1 With its protection against E. coli comes improved livability, more eggs per hen, and higher productivity.2,3

A costly bacteria

Market analysis from 2015 shows standard hen mortality around 6%.4 For a typical complex that manages 450,000 hens annually, this equates to about 27,000 hens lost — a financial consequence of about $1.15 million annually.

  • 27,000 hens x $13 per-pullet costA = $351,000 in mortality costs
  • 13 dozen eggsA x $2.27 per-dozen costA x 27,000 hens = $796,770 in production losses

A Inputs from 2015 industry analysis. Per-hen production estimated at 156 eggs (13 dozen).

Demonstrated results

One study measured protection in specific-pathogen-free (SPF) chickens. The birds were vaccinated at 1 day after hatch, given a 14-week booster, then challenged at week 20 with E. coli serotype 078 isolate.2

Poulvac E. coli:

  • Reduced pericarditis lesions from 68% to 33%
  • Reduced airsacculitis from 80% to 38%
  • Reduced mortality from 60% to 12%

Effect of Poulvac® E. coli on challenged flocks

Breeder chart

P-value: Less than or equal to 0.05.

it pays to protect

Breeder ROI graphic

Breeder production managers can recoup many of those losses by reducing mortality just 0.5% with two doses of Poulvac E. coli. Keeping 2,250 pullets in production in a 450,000-hen complex would result in a total return of $95,000 on a $12,000 investment — a potential ROI of about 8-to-1.

  • 2,250 hens x $13 per-pullet costA = $29,250 in mortality savings
  • 13 dozen eggs x $2.27 per-dozen costA x 2,250 hens = $66,398 via increased revenues.

A This product has led to even greater livability improvements.5


E. coli remains one of the breeder industry’s most common reasons for antibiotic treatment.

With Poulvac E. coli, breeder complexes can meet the increasing needs of food retailers. The vaccine can help reduce overall antibiotic reliance in both breeder and progeny broiler flocks.



What Zoetis can do for you

Zoetis is committed to providing insightful veterinary service. We work to better understand your company’s flock health challenges and to offer insights and disease management strategies designed to reduce economic losses.

We help build Poulvac E. coli vaccination protocols that make sense for your business. We audit vaccine and crew administration performance to maximize efficiency. And the Poulvac portfolio from Zoetis includes a number of additional vaccines for diseases affecting breeder complexes, including Infectious Bursal Disease and avian reovirus and Salmonella.



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