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Effective Salmonella Management

Poulvac® SE

Salmonella enteritidis Bacterin (Phage Types 4, 8 & 13a)

Poulvac SE is an inactivated vaccine that helps reduce colonization by Salmonella enteritidis (SE), one of the most common serotypes.

Why Vaccinate With Poulvac SE?

  • Contains three inactivated SE phage types including 8, 13a and the highly pathogenic phage type 4
    • The most common Salmonella enteritidis phage types identified in humans globally include phage types 4, 8 and 13a1

    • Zoetis Global Poultry’s Poulvac SE and SE-ND-IB are the only vaccines that contain all three phage types, helping reduce Salmonella enteritidis colonization

  • Easy to administer

Three Vaccines to Help Reduce One Serious Threat

Modified-live and inactivated Salmonella vaccines from Zoetis Global Poultry, along with our industry-leading tech support, offer a comprehensive management program to assist in the reduction of Salmonella colonization in poultry operations. Our complete Salmonella management program includes:

  • A proven portfolio of vaccines—Poulvac SE, Poulvac SE-ND-IB and Poulvac ST—to help prevent egg-borne Salmonella contamination.
  • Diagnostic services to assess disease control and validate vaccine impact
  • Industry-leading technical service support to interpret serology and diagnostic reports and help strengthen your Salmonella control program

For more information about Salmonella prevention and control please visit 

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  • Supplied in 1,000 dose units

    Subcutaneous Injection Administration:  

    1. Inject 0.3 mL (0.3 cc) subcutaneously using aseptic technique.
    2. Vaccinate only healthy birds.
    3. Administer 2 separate doses 3 to 4 weeks apart.
    • For Veterinary use only.

     Storage and Handling:

    • Store in the dark at 35° – 45°F (2° – 7°C)
    • Do not freeze.
    • Warm to 65° – 85°F (18° – 29°C) and shake well before using.
    • Use entire contents when first opened.
    • Burn vaccine container and all unused contents.
    1. Jen-Chieh P, Jer-Sheng L, Cheng-Chih T, Hau-Yang T. The presence of major world-wide clones for phage type 4 and 8 Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis and the evaluation of their virulence levels by invasiveness assays in vitro and in vivo. FEMS Microbiol Lett 2006;263:148-154.


  • In case of accidental human injection seek immediate medical attention.
  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.



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