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Zoamix® for Poultry

Type A Medicated Article

  • Zoamix is a Type A Medicated Article available in the form of a tan, free-flowing coarse powder.
  • Zoamix provides year-round (nonseasonal) coccidiosis protection.
  • Zoamix is a component of rotation programs, with characteristics of both a synthetic anticoccidial and an ionophore.1
  • Zoamix is a unique synthetic anticoccidial that allows immunity to develop.
  • Similar to the action of an ionophore, Zoamix allows some cycling of the parasite, thus eliciting host immunity against all major Eimeria species of coccidian.1
  • Zoamix is a part of Rotecc® Coccidiosis Management — a customizable approach to rotation from Zoetis that helps ensure you’re employing the right methods at the right time for managing against coccidiosis.
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    • Zoamix is approved for use in broiler chickens for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 113.5 grams (0.0125%) zoalene per ton of feed.
    • Zoamix can be used in replacement chickens for the development of active immunity to coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 36.3 to 113.5 grams (0.004 to 0.0125%) zoalene per ton of feed.
    • Zoamix is approved for use in turkeys (grown for meat) for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. The inclusion rate is 113.5 to 170.3 grams (0.0125 to 0.01875%) of zoalene per ton of feed.
  • FDA Status

    • Category 1 drug and does not require a feed mill license for manufacture of medicated feeds.

    Storage and Packaging

    • Store in a protected location, avoid excessive heat and keep package closed to avoid contamination.
    • Zoamix® is packaged in a 50-pound, multiwall paper bag with protective barrier ply.
    • Store below 37° C.



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