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We all benefit when animals are healthy. But, just like people, sometimes animals get sick — and need medical treatment.

Working with farmers and licensed veterinarians, Zoetis shares the responsibility for:

  • Promoting animal health, first and foremost through the use of vaccines and prevention programs
  • Identifying and properly diagnosing animals that are sick or at risk
  • Treating animals with the right medications, at the right time, with the right dose
  • Using antibiotics responsibly so they remain effective

Zoetis Support for Farmers

Successful farmers are committed to raising healthy animals. And the Zoetis commitment to supporting farmers starts with animal health management programs designed to prevent disease. Here are some examples of the management programs we offer to farmers:

  • Dairy Wellness is an online resource to help dairy farmers keep cows well and ensure a safe, healthy food supply.
  • Individual Pig Care teaches caregivers tips for early identification of sick pigs so they can be treated at the right time.

Zoetis Commitment to Veterinarians

Veterinarians take a professional oath to protect and preserve public health. They are at the heart of everything we do at Zoetis — and their ongoing education and involvement with farmers help ensure our products will be used responsibly.

The Zoetis View:
Veterinarians need to be at the center of animal health. They are key stakeholders in public health.

We are committed to helping veterinarians and farmers stay informed in today’s changing regulatory landscape. See how we put our commitment into action

  • Training and continuing education via our Commitment to Veterinarians™ initiative makes veterinarians better animal health practitioners, better communicators and better business people.
  • is an online resource with tools veterinarians can use to help dairy farmers prevent an antibiotic residue violation in milk and meat.
  • Veterinarians on Call is an online video series paying tribute to the day-to-day impact that veterinarians have on animal health and our food supply.

Zoetis Resistance Monitoring and Surveillance:
A Model for the Industry

Zoetis sponsors the largest North American antibiotic resistance monitoring program in the animal health industry to help ensure our antibiotics are used carefully and remain effective. Our program began in 1999 and now includes participation of 35 diagnostic laboratories to monitor mastitis pathogens and re­spiratory disease resistance in cattle, swine and horses. Zoetis also cosponsors surveillance programs in the European Union with other animal health companies.

Taking Steps to Ensure Proper Use

We support responsible antibiotic use by providing farmers and veterinarians with ongoing education. These programs help our customers use our animal health products within the label guidelines outlined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure effective treatment while protecting the food supply. We’ll continue to develop ways to make sure our products are used properly today — and remain effective.

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