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We all want confidence that the foods we eat are safe and wholesome. Many layers of protection safeguard the meat, poultry and dairy products on our tables.

Zoetis, along with farmers and veterinarians, work together with state and federal authorities to ensure food is safe and wholesome every day.

Zoetis Supports Rigorous Government Standards

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires antibiotics to meet rigorous standards for effectiveness, safety and quality before approving their use in food animals. These sites offer an overview of approval requirements:

Meat, poultry and milk products are tested for the presence of residues to ensure the safety of the food supply. The following links provide an overview of these programs:

Safeguards for Wholesome Food

Many organizations provide consumers information about:

  • How veterinarians are involved in animal care
  • How the FDA approves medicines before they may be used on the farm
  • How animals that receive antibiotics must be withheld from the food supply until the medicines have cleared their systems
  • How government agencies require testing for milk and meat for the presence of residues before they enter the food supply

Some of these resources are listed below.

Veterinarians: Protecting Animal Health and Food Safety

Veterinarians care about both healthy animals and safe food. For more information, visit Healthy Animals

Newborn piglet photo Veterinarian photo2

A veterinarian demonstrates how he treats sick animals while ensuring animal medicines do not enter the food supply.


A veterinarian monitors cattle to assess their health and explains the strict safety protocols and record-keeping in place to ensure the medicine is used properly.


Consumers demand clear and transparent information about antibiotic use and food safety. This series of articles from Poultry Health Today helps guide discussions on these important topics:



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