Developed especially for a sow farm, Day One Pig Care is training provided in English and Spanish that teaches best practices for

mortality rates

animal care

between managers
and caregivers


During the Day One Pig Care program, you will learn to


Lucina Galina, DVM, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, provides training in both English and Spanish, including a 30-minute conference with the production manager and veterinarian two weeks prior to the session.


The five-hour program takes place at the sow farm and includes time spent in the classroom, in-barn in the farrowing room, troubleshooting, and a wrap-up with key stakeholders.


$625 per person, minimum of six people, suggested maximum of 15 participants.

do you know? Some topics you’ll learn about:

Do you know approximately how much time should pass between the birth of each piglet during farrowing?

This helps employees understand normal and abnormal situations, how to identify at-risk sows, and quickly manage problems.

Why is it important to keep piglets warm immediately after birth?

Being dried off and given access to a heat source helps give them a healthy start.

What steps should you take to make sure piglets get the colostrum they need to thrive?

While getting piglets to colostrum is important, so is assessing the health of the sow’s teats.

As you evaluate your plans and goals, consider how you can improve the health of your pigs and your bottom line by reducing preweaning mortality rates and working more efficiently. For more information on Day One Pig Care, contact your Zoetis representative.