Zoetis Learning Solutions

By on-boarding new hires properly, performance and retention increases. The cost of replacing an employee is never as effective as on-boarding properly and retaining existing employees.

Our convenient online portal assists with proper and efficient onboarding and training. Using our portal, you can:

  • Track the onboarding, education, training and development of every employee
  • Improve consistency of orientation and training, decreasing new hire on-boarding time
  • Increase staff performance and retention, freeing up supervisors to focus on the business
  • Enhance employee training, reduce costs, and build a more productive and engaged workforce

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Our online portal is a great investment for organizations that want to develop the skills, competencies, and knowledge of their workforce.

Other features include:

Easy and convenient

Easy & Convenient—

Your employees can access the online courses anywhere, anytime

Simple and relatable

Simple & Relatable—

Courses are available in English or Spanish and delivered in short intervals of 30 mins or less to integrate into busy work days

Interactive and situational

Interactive & Situational—

Workers are engaged in scenario based examples learning skills they can start to apply right away

Tracking and assessment

Tracking & Assessment—

Assessments to verify acquisition of new skills, track results, and identify skill gaps

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