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The Learning Management Portal is a convenient way to track the on-boarding, education, training and development of each employee. Available online in an annual subscription, this system contains industry and role-specific modules, providing a basis for a consistent new hire experience.

Managers and supervisors can track and support learning to maximize engagement and employee expectations from day one. This tool, in conjunction with your on-boarding program, will provide:

  • Increased consistency of orientation and training, which can decrease time from on-boarding to productivity
  • A blended learning balance with in-person instruction and self-paced learning
  • Assessments to verify acquisition of new skills, track results to identify skill gaps
  • Tracking tools for supervisors and managers
  • An electronic trail to demonstrate to regulatory agencies that your workforce has received the required training

The Learning Management Portal is a good investment for organizations that want to develop the skills, competencies and knowledge of their workforce to improve revenue per employee, retention and engagement.

The costs of failing to onboard properly:

  • The Human Resources Corporate Leadership Council found that increasing an employee's level of engagement could potentially improve performance by 20% and reduce the probability of departure by a whopping 87%.
  • Since it can cost up to 150% of a departing employees salary to replace them (taking into account lost productivity, recruiting fees, retraining and other outlays), it doesn't take long to see how cost-effective an effective on-boarding program can be.

To see a demo of the Learning Management Portal, contact a PeopleFirst business solutions manager using the included form or your Zoetis representative.