The security of your valuable collections is always our priority. Watch the video to learn more about our exceptional approach to security.

  • Our facility is inside a brick-reinforced building, the first layer of security for your dogs’ genetics.

  • Security systems are active and monitored 24/7/365 offsite.

  • Camera, security guard at front desk and/or entry cards
    Additional layers of protection for your dogs’ genetics include monitored surveillance cameras, security guard at front entrance during working hours, and restricted, keyed access to our facilities

  • Alarm systems on the storage tanks
    Tanks are continuously monitored to capture any changes in liquid nitrogen or temperature changes, and alarms will immediately alert staff if either falls outside accepted parameters.

  • Frozen semen is stored in monitored tanks within the facility. These tanks are automatically refilled from a 1,500-gallon, liquid-nitrogen bulk tank.

  • Sprinklers in ceiling
    Commercial grade sprinkler system throughout the facility to protect from fires.

  • Gloved hands working in the tanks
    All staff members follow meticulous standard operating procedures to protect your samples when handling straws. Additionally, straws are individually labeled with your information. This information is tripled checked before storing or shipping semen.