• Four distinct levels of cryopreservation security
  • Onsite security guards and cameras
  • An offsite alarm service active 24/7
  • A commercial-grade fire prevention sprinkler system

Our exceptional approach to the security of your collection is the hallmark of our operation. The Zoetis storage facility is monitored by onsite security guards and cameras. Our office has restricted entry, and our cryogenics area is only accessible to dedicated cryopreservation personnel.

The storage tanks on site are designed to protect irreplaceable collections. Our 1,500 gallon industrial-grade liquid nitrogen tank fills individual tanks that hold the frozen semen. In these individual tanks, collections are stored in a liquid nitrogen bath at -196?C (or 385?F), which keeps them viable for an indefinite period of time. To ensure these ideal conditions are upheld, we have individual tank monitors tied to an offsite alarm service. In case of fire, our site also features a commercial-grade sprinkler system.