Carlos Simmonds

Carlos Simmonds, DVM, Senior Consultant


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Doctorate in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine

Current role:
Simmonds provides organizational and management training, and is an international consultant in dairy and beef operations.


  • More than 40 years of experience in the cattle industry
  • Managed a staff of veterinarians in Colombia
  • Established a business focused on dairy reproductive management systems
  • Founder of Dairy Management Services Inc., an international consulting company for management solutions and technical practices
  • Working toward a coaching certificate from the International School of Professional Coaching

Importance of Labor Management:
Efficiency is vital to the bottom line of any organization. To obtain efficiency, the employees must be both informed and empowered. The workforce can only be truly empowered through an understanding, acceptance and management of the cultural differences in the cattle industry. Success in the cattle business can only be achieved through this relationship-based approach to leadership.

PeopleFirst Philosophy:
PeopleFirstTM offers management teams the capability to build bridges between themselves and their talented multicultural workforce. Through special education and training, leaders will conduct operations at a higher level of efficiency and productivity.