Carlos Tellez

Carlos Tellez

Carlos Tellez, D.V.M., PeopleFirst Coach


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

Current role:
Tellez provides labor management and training consultation in the area of dairy herd management.


  • Advanced training in dairy and beef employee coaching and operations efficiency
  • Bilingual consulting services in dairy labor management and training
  • Experience in advanced reproduction technologies including AI, embryo transfer, synchronization protocols and ultrasound technology

Importance of Labor Management:
For producers, focusing on labor management for producers is just as important as the price of milk, animal health protocols and genetic improvement. Training and education creates an engaging workplace while enhancing productivity. Investing in employees is not only a wise decision, but producers can see a profitable return as well.

PeopleFirst Philosophy:
The PeopleFirstTM program is the first program designed specifically for labor management in agriculture. The program takes into consideration the needs of large operations and the multicultural workforce required to succeed. We recognize the challenges the industry faces and want to support those employees who are responsible for decision-making and personnel management.