Debra Van Cleve

Debra Van Cleve, Certified Management Effectiveness Coach


  • English


  • Bachelor of Science - Management, University of Phoenix

Current role:
Van Cleve conducts training sessions for agriculture businesses dedicated to improving the leadership and management skills of their employees.


  • Oversaw operations and learning & development in the multi-family housing industry - 20 years
  • Created manager and customer service programs
  • Produced e-learning courses in a learning management system

Importance of Labor Management:
Human capital drives the profitability and sustainability of organizations from year-over-year. Labor management roles heavily contribute to employee performance and overall engagement in their jobs. Thus, it is my goal to see that well-trained leaders who focus to lead teams to success have a positive approach and are able to create an atmosphere in which highly engaged employees work harder to positively impact the success of the organization.

PeopleFirst Philosophy:
PeopleFirstTM provides valuable training and coaching support to improve the employees' leadership and people management skills. When employees are engaged, organizations can see a positive outcome in performance and profitability.